What is a 'GM'?

GM stands for Game Master. It is a generic term used to identify the person in the role playing game who organizes the game, tells the story, and is the arbiter of rules. In D&D, the term used is Dungeon Master or "DM".

How would you describe your GM'ing style?

It is a mix of role playing, puzzle solving, drama, and battle. When done properly a role-playing game should feel like an epic saga, a novel, a great fantasy series.

Do you do voices?


How many years experience do you have as a GM?

Over 30 years.

Do you have any videos of you GM'ing?

Yes. Here is a YouTube video of playing Castles & Crusades with The Wednesday Knights:

YouTube Link

And here are videos of playing D&D 5e with students ages 9-17:

YouTube Link

Why should I pay someone to be the GM?

Higher Quality Game

As a professional Game Master I have both the time and resources to take your role playing game to the next level. No more pixelated, overstretched image files. Instead you get better artwork for maps and handouts. Better tokens. Rulebooks integrated into the virtual tabletop. More time and energy is spent on the gaming prep than in most other games.

Save time!

Being a Game Master can be very time consuming. Game prep can take hours per week. Which can be very challenging for your work/life balance. By hiring a professional GM you are outsourcing all that work so you can focus on playing the game and having fun.

Everyone can play!

Sometimes your GM is just tired of running the game and would like to 'play' once in awhile. When you hire a Professional GM, you can now sit at the table alongside your friends, roll up a character and play the game.

Make new friends!

If you don't have a group, no problem. Ask of there are any openings in one my current open play games or join the waitlist.

Can I hire you for a birthday party/bachelor party/corporate team building event?

We can absolutely discuss that! Send me an email with the details and we will set up a call to discuss.

Can I hire you to teach me how to play D&D?

Yes absolutely. I love teaching new players.

What is your favorite game system?

I grew up playing 1e AD&D and I think it will always be my personal favorite.

What is a game system you absolutely won't play or GM?

D&D 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, Pathfinder, and Pathfinder 2e. Those systems seemed to be geared more towards "power gaming" or "min/maxing" rather than epic storytelling.

What do I need to get started?

You will need to create a free Roll20 account on Roll20.net. And you will need the Discord app installed on your computer. Then send me an email at gmjeremynow@gmail.com and we will get you scheduled.

Can I use custom rules/homebrew/Unearthed Arcana?

In general, no. We will only be using official rules from books available from the Roll20 Marketplace. However, if you and your group would like to have a special game run just for you, email me requesting a custom quote.

How do I pay for your service?

Send payment via PayPal to gmjeremynow@gmail.com prior to the game session.

What is your availability?

You are welcome to check my Availability Calendar to see if a game you have in mind might have a conflict. And of course you can always email me and just ask.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is via email. I check email daily and I strive to respond to all email messages within 24 hours. You may also direct message me on Facebook.