Buy GM Jeremy Adventures: Blood Silk!

Posted by Jeremy Clifford on

A few people know that in addition to published D&D adventures, that I also run custom homebrew campaigns. I have been getting such great feedback on the quality of my homebrew games that I have decided to start publishing some of these adventures. So you too can run some cool, fun, unique 5e adventures with your friends!

My first adventure, Blood Silk, has just been published and is available for purchase exclusively through DriveThruRPG!

Blood Silk is a fun adventure for 1st level characters. I tried to balance the game with lots of fun combat, skill checks, and some puzzling challenges. I have also created 3 custom creatures and 1 new powerful magic item. When you buy the adventure you also get two maps that you can upload to your favorite VTT for online play! Or you can print out the maps for tabletop play. 

Click HERE and check it out!


- GM Jeremy